3DFinisher: the 3D printing revolution presented at the Technology Hub in Milan!


The Technology Hub fair in Milan, dedicated to the professional world of innovative technologies, has come to a close. As was predictable, the event was to all effects monopolized by the 3DPrintHub industry, dedicated completely to 3D printing and rapid prototyping devices. Over these three days, many 3D printer manufacturers came and went, from well-known [...]

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Medical 3D printing: bio-glass replaces cartilage

Biopolimero stampa 3D

Collaboration between the Imperial University of London and our Milano-Bicocca University has produced an innovative material for surgical treatments. Medicine has always represented one of the fundamental fields of research and development for every type of innovative technology. With the advent of 3D printing and new additive manufacturing concepts, the gap between engineering and medicine [...]

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3D print finishing: what are the solutions?

Finitura stampa 3D

Despite being a young technology, the world of 3D printing continues to change very quickly. Gradually taking shape are the needs of engineers, makers and industries that use this technology, and each of these players has more or less specific difficulties. The most debated issue is a continuous climb towards the search for a perfect [...]

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