3DNextech is an innovative startup, spin-off of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna School of
Pisa. The company is specialized in the development of products and
technologies related to the world of digital manufacturing, additive
manufacturing, and 3D printing.


Our approach makes the difference. We love to stay ahead, solve challenges, and
develop new concepts to address current issues in 3D printing, additive
manufacturing, and rapid prototyping.


We develop devices capable of optimizing company production processes and creating new production concepts in the industrial sector. Our first product is used in the surface treatment of objects made of ABS, ASA, PETG, and Cellulose Acetate.


To make a valuable contribution to the world of additive manufacturing.  Creating new devices for the technological revolution  we are experiencing: where the old “mass production” gradually becomes “mass customization”.


3DNextech is an Italian company. Our team is made of researchers, engineers and professionals that chose to work in Italy. Our offices are in Leghorn, a city to which we are very attached. Despite future prospects in foreign markets, we are willing to keep our main offices in our country.

What we do

Our products are designed to optimize the pre-production and post-production processes related to 3D printing. We can tailor our devices according to the needs of each of our clients: from individual professionals to structured corporate entities.

3DNextech solutions are not tied to a specific production sector but are cross-cutting and can be employed in any industry: from biomedical to mechanical, from architecture to design, from aeronautics to fashion.

3DFinisher: post-processing for 3d printing

The journey that led to the establishment of 3DNextech began in 2014 with the conceptualization of a device aimed at achieving a reliable and safe finishing of objects in ABS and Cellulose Acetate. This marked the first step of
3DFinisher, the ultimate solution for surface finishing, which was presented in prototype form at the Rome Maker Faire in 2014.

To date 3DFinisher is on the Italian and international market.

Our Team