A new supply chain for Additive Manufacturing

From Finishing to Production

The 3DFinisher is the solution for finishing objects made of ABS, ASA, and cellulose acetate. Our device is based on a patented and innovative chemical-physical process. 3D printed parts are processed by means of a gaseous solvent (plasticizer) that penetrates its outer layers and softens its surface. The interaction between the polymeric material and the plasticizer leads to structural rearrangement of the polymer chains, resulting in a smooth surface finish.

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The first professional device that automates the finishing of objects in ABS, ASA, PETG, and cellulose acetate.

We shape the future

Our technology transforms the material, making it pliable and malleable. By isolating the material at this stage, one can store it for later use to manufacture objects at room temperature. This process minimizes energy consumption and facilitates the reuse and recycling of waste materials throughout the entire supply chain.

Produce less, produce better

This revolutionary new approach to plastic production will transform the supply chain. It combines the ability to produce retail parts on-site, as enabled by additive manufacturing, with a finally competitive production capacity. This innovation will reduce the environmental costs associated with logistics and material transportation.

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